Our Services

Norris Track offers a broad range of rail services, specialising in railway construction, maintenance, emergency response, and labour and plant hire.

Located in Parkes (NSW), where we have established a large modern multipurpose depot that houses our head office and warehousing of rail plant, equipment, and materials. Our centralised location in the states country west means we are situated at the junction of both rail and road interstate networks within 5 hours to 90% of the country rail network. However, we can also have a number of satellite locations throughout the state to ensure our Clients receive a responsive and timely service.

• Over 6 core highly skilled and dedicated construction employees.

• Through our industry contacts and strategic alliances with labour hire firms, Norris track is able to supplement our core resource base with both casual and skilled labour hire.

• At our peak, Norris Track is able to provide up to 22 staff with all the necessary rail qualifications to meet the project requirements.

• Hi-rail excavators

• Excavators with specialist attachments including tamping heads and swivel sleeper grabs

• Pin pullers

• Motorised on track screw spike machines

• Motorised on track boring machines

• Multiple welding equipment sets

• Full range of light and heavy transport

• Frontend loaders

• Graders

• Excavators

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